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So what is v3c?

The name v3c (pronounced "vee-three-cee")v3c was chosen as it's easy to type, and easy to remember.

I've open sourced the base framework used in this web server to SourceForge, plus some others.

v3c the base framework

v3c-qt Doxygen and automake integration for Qt4

Uses v3c

cxxparse flex and bison utilities for c++ developers

Uses v3c

treedb on-disk memory library

Uses v3c

meta-treedb on-disk memory library using meta-data

It runs slower than treedb but because it uses interfaces rather than in-line code,
client programs build more quickly.

It makes debugging a real pain though as it represents data structures
with meta-data which debuggers have no clue about.

Uses v3c, treedb

v3c-dcom just to see if I could do it - a registry, in-processes servers and even some ATL

Uses v3c, treedb, meta-treedb

v3c-storyboard To tell a story you need to be able to describe things, and interact with those descriptions.
That's what this project is all about

Uses v3c, cxxparse, treedb, meta-treedb, v3c-dcom, v3c-qt

QtJs some Qt4 widgets in html5

v3c-raspi Control Raspberry Pi hardware with C++!

These projects started of as ways for me to learn about developing C/C++ packages for Debian and for my web site but they've taken on a life of their own.

I hope you find them useful!

Philip Ashmore


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